What a lovely team at Cambridge Crepes, we stopped by during my friends Hen Party weekend for a crepe and the team were so chatty and friendly and so appreciative of our custom. The crepes are delicious! 5 star service from this lovely bunch :)

Chloe, 04 July 2018

Amazing service, they absolutley blew me away especially John I think he was the owner, if everywhere has service like this the world would be a better place & the Nutella and strawberry crepe was 5 star :) thank you!

Ceri, 01 July 2018

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Test, 19 June 2018

I got a crepe from there yesterday and it was lovely, 5 star service, lovely food and lovely service

Shirtless, 02 May 2018

Absolutely amazing crêpes, and the staff are the friendliest people you will meet in Cambridge!

Sara, 17 March 2018

My time in Cambridge ended a few months ago, so I'm writing these lines with nostalgia. The crepes here are delicious and served by lovely people. They smoothed my transition to vegetarianism, proving that "végétarien" in French can rhyme with "festin" -- their vegetables are always very fresh and Gosh, this crispy cheese... Amen, God bless these people.

French English Teacher, 12 September 2017

We just got a crepe from these guys on our last day, of course raining. Honestly the best crepe ive had in my life. Time to go back to Australia!

Sam St, 05 August 2017

Fantastic crepes! Lovely people! Enjoy Cambridge Crepes! Se lo dice un italiano puoi crederci?! 😂 They deserve it!!!!! With love! Andrea, Giorgia, Mati & Marghe

Andrea, 01 August 2017

We had an absolutely amazing experience at Cambridge Crepes! We came early at around 8:30 in the morning, 2 hours before opening time because we were leaving for the airport that day and the owner was so kind that he actually opened the booth specifically for us! The crepes were delicious and obviously made with love, definitely recommend! :)

Anna, 31 July 2017

Everywhere in the world we are trying Crêpes, Palatschinken, Pancakes or something similar. BUT yours are like my grandmother (peace be upon her) made them 😋 While our stay in Cambridge every morning my family and I are looking forward having our daily crepe at your booth. Please do not have one day off like yesterday happened😉 See you tomorrow again🤤🤤

Sabine, 23 July 2017

What a business! Such friendly service, delicious food and amazing atmosphere! I spilt chocolate in my lap and was even given a cloth with fairy liquid on to clean up! Thank you!! We will come back especially!

Emily , 16 July 2017

I LOVE THESE CREPES, i had visit of my life in the cambridge. And these delicious crepes made it for i and my wife.

José, 28 February 2017

Fantastic product, fabulous service. Thoroughly recommend... only difficulty is choosing between the fantastic selection of sweet or savoury toppings.

Ros, 24 February 2017

I have to admit that this place has the best service! The crepes are to die for! There was 5 of us and the food came out quickly! Deffo will keep coming back!

Mrs Heera , 04 February 2017

Fabulous crêpes! Want to come back to Cambridge just for the amazing crêpes. I had a savoury and a sweet and I don't know which was more delicious!

Cate Atkinson, 30 January 2017

Just went here today whilst doing a bit of touristy stuff in Cambridge (I'm from Newcastle) and saw this cart. Got a lush double Nutella crepe which was absolutely amazing and the people inside were the nicest vendors I've ever met! They were so canny and asked us all what we were doing and just chatting with us and even got in a picture with us! 12/10! Thanks a lot, I want to come back to Cambridge just for the Cambridge Crepes!!

Callum, 18 November 2016

Wow wow wow what a treat I had today from the Cambridge crepe van. Ham and cheese followed by strawberry banana and Nutella both were delicious. Thank you very much for filling my tummy.

Kerry , 24 July 2016

We stopped off for a Crepe my husband loves Golden Syrup on his - he ordered his crepe and the bad news was no Golden Syrup !!!! John went beyond the call of duty - he offered my husband a free drink David said no worries sugar and lemon will do - John then came forward with the crepe and one on the house - thank you the service was brilliant and David said that makes good business sense - they were very busy, could see why and crepes were mind-blowing !!! thank you John for the best service and attention ever - we shall call again and recommend to our friends - xxxx

Jean And David Betts, 18 July 2016

This is my favourite place to get lunch in Cambridge. Not only are the crepes delicious, but they are genuinely the loveliest and kindest staff I've ever met anywhere! You are always greeted with a smile and they go above and beyond to make their customers happy. Highly recommend.

Steph Morren, 01 July 2016

Amazing crepes, and so friendly. Now that's what I call customer service!

Lizzie Sparrow, 07 April 2016

Well they have a wide variety of crepes that sometimes is hard to choose because they are all delicious,The Staff is one off the most if not the most friendly I have found in Cambridge and very warm as well.All the best XD

Clesio Escorcio, 24 February 2016

Went to the Cambridge Crepes van today and the service was superb! Warm, friendly, helpful, happy. The best service I've had in Cambridge whilst I've been here. (Student). Cheers! (Can I get a free crepe now? ;))

Corey F., 10 February 2016

After a long hard five year tour on the road again with my squad, I was urging to try Cambridge Crepes! After my great old friend Eddy (Sheeran) was thinking out loud about these beautiful pancakes! They didn't fail to cherish my Cheshire roots! All the best Jumping Jenny and Joyful John! Everybody wants to steal those crepes! Everybody wants to take their mix away!

Harry Edward Styles, 17 November 2015

Simply the best food in Cambridge!!!! We traveled from the United States to try these delicious crepes! John and Jenny are experts at customer service and make you feel like a family friend! The buckwheat crepes are an incredible addition to the menu!!! After Trinity's graduation, we all could not wait to head to Cambridge Crepes and have a delicious meal!!!! God bless you!

Paula Renninger , 18 July 2015

Astonishingly good crêpes and service too. Without a doubt the very best street food in Cambridge, and considering the level of competition that's saying something. Can't recommend enough!

Andy , 15 June 2015

The crepes were just awesome and so was the service. Although we went only twice while visiting Cambridge, they remembered us and greeted us so enthusiastically the second time. Never seen anybody so happy to take your order & serve you, and their happiness is just contagious! A good snack and awesome service, Cambridge Crepes is just the perfect bad day remedy!

John, 03 May 2015

One of my favourite places to eat in Cambridge! The crepes are delicious and the staff are lovely. I go there often and they always greet me warmly and remember my usual order. It's always a pleasure to visit. I'm happy to support this great local business.

JMS, 22 March 2015

Amazing and friendly service! crepes were delicious! would recommend this place to anyone!

Sofia, 01 March 2015

Love this place so, so much. Crepes are so good, and the service is well above any other food establishment in Cambridge. Always friendly, smiling and happy, clearly love what they do. Even when customers are queuing around the corner, they still remain composed, polite and happy. Very rare to find! Cambridge's little gem! Highly, highly recommend! Thanks guys :)

Storm , 22 February 2015

My favourite crepe place! Always fresh and warm with great service :)

Liz, 01 February 2015

The crepes here are fantastic - better than any crepe I ever had in France! The crispy cheese round the outside is genius, and I particularly love the new buckwheat variety. What's more, the people who run the stall are so lovely that it makes my day just talking to them :)

Emily, 03 January 2015

Best crepes ever! Already missing them and the staff, wow! They are the most friendly and kínd people in town. Wish you were in my town because everyone would love you! My favorite one? Nutella with cream...really tasty and unique! Regards from México!

Klaudia BHz , 30 December 2014

Finally, finally, the Buckwheat crepes have arrived!!! I was so pleased that the famous "Breton galettes" have crossed the Channel and made it in Cambridge! I tried the Egg-Cheese and Bacon buckwheat crepe and it was delicious, especially on a cold day. The cheese was crispy on the outside, and melty inside. On top of that the crepier himself is lovely and friendly :)

A Breton Connoisseur :), 11 December 2014

Cambridge Crepes came to the Perse School this evening to help provide catering for an open evening. I must say I was really pleased with the service I received - the staff were welcoming, patient and polite. The crepes were good too!

A Student, 04 November 2014

Impeccable service, delicious crepes, many thanks!

Chloe, 08 October 2014

The service was absolutely impeccable, the man serving delivered the cheeriest and most polite service I've ever encountered, the crepes tasted even better for having come away feeling a little elated by such a cheery disposition

Strawberry, White Chocolate And Nutella , 18 September 2014

These Crepes made my Cambridge experience. They were so good that i went there everyday for a month (this method earned me a Cambridge crepes shirt) and even broke a record with a deca-nutella crepe. The crepes are amazing and so are the staff they are always smiling and cheerful, which really makes the service memorable. I recommend these Crepes to everyone who goes to Cambridge, and i look forward to going back to get the crepes again soon.

Daniel "Deca-Nutella" Hancock, 15 September 2014

Going to cambridge crepes was the highlight of my day, me and my friend went everyday and somehow the crepes tasted better everytime! Cambridge crepes manged to surprise me with amazing taste everytime I went there.

Rihanna, 03 September 2014

Whoever visits Cambridge must go to Cambridge Crepes otherwise it's a wasted journey! Such amazing food and the staff there are so kind and jolly. It's incredible how they do it in such a small trailer! The owner is one of the nicest guys I have ever met!

Josh Hyde , 15 August 2014

I'm studying abroad for a month here, and this place is my weakness. I almost always get the nutella and banana, although the spinach and cheese is also delicious. So, so good.

Nutella & Banana All Day Everyday, 23 July 2014

Everyone in my study abroad group loves Cambridge Crepes. They are delicious, reasonably priced, and the service can't be beat! The incentives punch card is great too. We all eat Cambridge Crepes almost every day.

Jessica Henn, 20 July 2014

Going to Cambridge Crepes was the highlight of my day every time I went there! The delicious crepes and friendly people are one of the things I miss most about Cambridge!!

Hannah (Also Friends With Strawberry Nutella Girl), 07 July 2014

To call it the best place for Crèpes is an understatement!!! With a super wide variety of crepes to die for, the ever-smiling people who make you feel soo welcome, Cambridge Crepes is one of the best places I have ever eaten at. After a hard day of work, it is a pleasure to see their smiling faces when they ask for the order and serve it to you, and have their delicious crepes! My favorite was the "cheese-onion" crepe, but the others too were absolutely mouth-watering. Kudos guys for making Cambridge such a lovely place to live!!

The Undying "cheese & Onion" Fan!, 27 June 2014

Absolutely delicious crepes that you won't find anywhere else and run by fantastically nice people to boot. While I was in Cambridge I was sure to stop by this place and get a crepe as often as I could.

Brendan (Friend Of Strawberry Nutella Girl), 18 May 2014

This place has made living in Cambridge infinitely better! Stopping by the cart always puts a smile on my face. The crepes are also fantastic, the best I've ever had! You guys are the absolute best!

Strawberry-Nutella Girl, 14 May 2014

I certainly believe that the crepes were part of the Cambridge experience. The sight of the amazing University colleges, beautiful weather (luckily), great friends, amazing customer service and killer crepes...really made my day...I tried the banana and the honey crepe...I would love to go back to Cambridge just for the crepes and the punting ride with R and Q and may be M too this time!

Suraiya, Bangladesh, 4 May 2014, 10 May 2014

Brilliant food and very quick service! I've been several times when I've visited Cambridge and I've never been disappointed. The staff are really friendly, for example last time I was there the last Crepe had been sold when some tourists came up. Rather than just send them away the owner apologized and gave them free easter eggs. Very worth a visit and I'll definitely be back!

Richard , 18 April 2014

A fantastic crepe served by fantastic people! This alone was worth coming to Cambridge for.

J And A Spivak, 11 April 2014

Thank you so much for coming to our school to lead an assembly for our Pancake Maths Day! You were fantastic with the children and they loved seeing your demonstration of how to make crepes (and then eating them!). Thank you so much for the time and enthusiasm you put into the morning. The assembly added a real buzz to the day and really inspired all of the children!

Louise Bamber, Fulbourn Primary School, 03 April 2014

I just returned to the US (NY State) after spending a few days in Cambridge. I was never very enthused about eating crepes, until I had one of yours (I had ham/cheese first day and ham/egg/cheese the second day). They were amazing!!! They were so good that I made a special effort to come back a second time before leaving Cambridge. I was not only impressed with how good the crepes were, but I found myself simply watching how the owner communicated with the customers and his staff. I thought he was brilliant in the manner in which he spoke to each staff member, instructed them as to what order they were making and for whom, and he did it in such a polite manner. I have gone to many cities that have street vendors and I must say that this is my favorite of all. I hope I have the pleasure of enjoying your crepes again. Job well done!!!

Steve, 01 April 2014

The owner is a fantastic person ! Gave us wrong change but quickly realised and gave back more then he should have ! The crepes are brilliant ! Staff are helpful and friendly ! Must go in Cambridge !

Ami Gill, 08 September 2013

Hi Cambridge Crepes! I have recently arrived back to Australia where I call home and I have been thinking about your crepes. A lot. I was in Cambridge for a month and I have had your delicious crepes for lunch countless of times. Thank you for those special lunches! When I get the wonderful opportunity to study at Cambridge again, you'll know where I'll be. :) Au revoir~

Emily, 06 August 2013

I absolutely fell in love with this crepe stand! It was one of my favorite things from my visit at Cambridge. They have lovely service with very, very nice people serving you, as well as absolutely delicious crepes! I had a savory one for lunch that was heavenly so I just had to come back right before they closed to try a sweet one for dessert! I can honestly say I have nothing negative to say about this stand...they were absolutely perfect!

TK, 15 July 2013

The staff are always friendly and polite, and the crepes are even more amazing each time I have one. The variety is great, even though I find it hard not to go for nutella, banana and biscuit every time!

Shona, 14 July 2013

I love the creativity of your menu...so many choices, all of them to die for!

The Garden Gazer, 08 July 2013

Had a lovely few days away in Cambridge and tasted my first ever crepe! Nutella and coconut - sublime! Went back the next day for the same one! Friendly staff and fantastic food!

Stephanie, 02 June 2013

I am certain that they have the best crepes in the world!!Even better than the traditional french...I spent 7 months studying in Cambridge and had the opportunity to taste the MOUTH-WATERING, Milk and white, and now that I'm in Brazil I miss it so much...I'm looking forward to visiting you again!!! Wish you all the best and I want to thank you for selling us happiness, because your team provided us delicious food but always with a smile, and that is what makes the difference!!!

Nicole-Brazilian, 17 April 2013

John and his team provided his fabulous crepes to all the guests at my wedding six months ago now. My friends still talk about how lovely the crepes were and visit his van in Cambridge whenever they can. Thank you Cambridge Crepes. Can't wait for my next visit.

Sarah Hills Wright, 31 March 2013

Banoffee is the best crepe i've ever had. Plus served by the friendliest people in the world!

Phanos, 20 February 2013

A vital part of the Cambridge experience. The best crepes and the service is always friendly.

Paul Howes, 15 December 2012

Hi best crepe shop:) haha it is my first time to go to uk and I see many people queue for buying crepe. I try and it is really fantastic. GLad to have a try. I am from Hong Kong. Do you remember me lolz? :P miss your shop as always! :DD

Hong Kong Visitor , 19 September 2012

I am French so when it comes to pancakes I know what I am talking about and the Cambridge Crpes are simply AWESOME. I still think that you guys ought to include blue cheese on your menu though...

Emmanuel From Braintree, 20 August 2012

Awesome thanks very much

Ed, 11 March 2012

Served by two lovely ladies today and I've promised them I'll be a regular customer if I get a place at the uni! So if you have any influence then persuade them to give me an offer and you'll get my custom every day

Chris, 09 December 2011

Oh man, how I loved that nutella and banana crepe. I had a really great experience in Cambridge when I was there, and I want to go back there just for the crepes. You guys were amazing and always knew what we wanted.

Aaron Schroeder ("Hey, How You Doing"), 21 November 2011

I visited their stand every day for a month without fail (save for the two days a week they were not open). During those two days each week, my company and I would constantly complain about how much we wanted to eat a crepe for every meal. I can remember multiple occasions where we bought crepes five times in the same day. Service was excellent. Food was excellent. Every staff member was simply a joy to be around, and by the end of the month we had a group of 12 people who were simply giddy at the thought of getting crepes. I sincerely hope the company and the staff are still doing well, and I thoroughly hope they enjoy their plastic dinosaur.

Richard S., 05 October 2011

I'm glad I found this website! I miss nutella crepe so much from "Cambridge Crepes". They are the best!

Brazil, 16 September 2011

Amazing! I actually walk over 2 miles just to have a crepe :P mmmm

Twiggy In Cherry Hinton :), 16 September 2011

Possibly, the best thing i have ever eaten! Un saludo desde Espaa!

Rafa, 16 September 2011

It saved my life several times, and the stand has my eternal love and gratitude

Guy With The Dinosaur Guys, 07 August 2011


TURKEY , 02 August 2011

I love my double chicken, cheese and onion crepe

Courtney From SF, 01 August 2011

Couldn't say a bad word against them if I tried, the nicest staff combined with the best food you'll find in cambridge makes me come back every time. I'm hungry just thinking about the triple nutella! mmmm (:

Alex (With A Giant Mohawk), 25 July 2011

These Crepes are Ahmazing!!!! I wish that there was one in the LA area so I can have one all the time! Every flavor is made into a masterpeice and the people that make the crepes are so freindly, its easy to make friends with them and have "usuals" :) I love everything about this place.

TheGirlFromLAThatPromised:), 23 July 2011

Crepes simply delicious... In 15 days we tried Nutella, Double Nutella, Cinnamon and Apple, Double Nutella and Banana, Cheese, Egg, Spinach and Ham... I suggest them all! Thank you very much for your kindness too! We won't forget you and the taste of the Crepes as well!

Marina & Edy Gloria From Italy, 15 July 2011

The best crepes I have ever tasted, and trust me, I have been to many places around the UK and around the world. Fantastic service and price too. We were in a large group and didn't have to wait too long, and the team kept us entertained all the time. Can't wait to go back for more delicious crepes!!!

Mr Pang Tang (newly Wed Groom And Part Of The Large Malaysian Group Visiting Cambridge For The Day In June), 04 July 2011

Hey! Here is Sabine... Allthough I am back in Germany since the 13th of May, I still think of your Crepes every day! All of my friends here know now where they could get the best Crepes during a visit in Cambridge... It was so nice to see your lovely faces with a bright smile every day during my two months in Cambridge! Not only the tourist guide will tell me you have the best Crepes, but my memory will always be sure that these Crepes were one of the best things that happend to me whilst visiting Cambridge! Thank you all so much. All the best for your future Sabine from Germany

Sabine, 11 June 2011

Cheese, ham and mushroom followed by raspberry and white chocolate, delicious, quick and very friendly people. If your in town you have to have one, it's a must !!!!!!

Kieran And Ruth, 05 June 2011

DELICIOUS!! bacon and cheese my favourite hehe definately pop in if you need a pick me up while doing your shopping in town :)

Tetiris , 13 May 2011

What can i saythe best crepes i have ever tasted! they make whatever you want! i had cheese and mushroom today, but love the classic lemon and sugar. The service is second to none, top quality people working there, always smiling, always friendly come rain or shine.makes me want to go back again! keep it up guys!

Nancy, 13 May 2011

Such friendly staff with really delicious crepes.

Alex And Jane, 29 April 2011

I love Sugar & Lemon Crepes ^_^ .... I promise that I will visit your shop again when I'm back in Cambridge

Pim From Bangkok, Thailand, 25 April 2011

Absolutely the most yummylicious crepes ever! Every bite makes me feel like the sun is shining and I'm in a happy place full of flowers. You may think I'm exaggerating but you'll have to try them yourself to see. And the staff! Wow talk about service with a smile! They are fantabulous. Thank you my Creperie Angels.

Aneisha, London, 14 April 2011

Every single time we travel to cambridge we visit these wonderful people and delight in chowing down on their crepes. They may all look the same but there's something about these ones that just..... blows the others out of the water. Look forward to seeing you again soon..... Craig and Casey

C&C, London, 05 April 2011

amazing crepes no matter what the the weather they always bring a bit of sunshine into my day! the staff are lovely and helpful, and the crepes are delicious

Kareemah, 31 March 2011

Amazing crepe's! and the service is just amazing, really makes you want to go back for more. I have never experienced such lovely customer service in my time, till cambridge crepe's! much love!!! xxxxxxxxx

Sophie, 13 March 2011

Fantastic crepes that are on par/if not better than the ones available under the Eiffel Tower!! Quality customer service that urged us to recommend our friends.

Phil And Beth, 12 March 2011

Amazing! A fabulous array of fillings and superb service make Cambridge Crepes something truly special.

Ali, 11 March 2011

A memorable experience in Cambridge. We tried several varieties and could not decide which one was best --- they were all delicious! Our daughter, Mary Beth, is a frequent customer while studying with Lee University in Cambridge.

Gordon, Becky & Mary Beth - from Dallas, 08 March 2011

Excellentes crepes, avec la veritable recette francaise ! Tres bon accueil, tres chaleureux. Merci!

Justine Vignaux , 07 March 2011